How to Make Hot Water Cornbread

Going camping is a great way to bond with your family or friends since there are tons of activities you can do together, including cooking different types of food like hot water cornbread. Hot water cornbread is associated with the southern part of the country where it is regarded as a staple food, this means that most people outside the area are barely familiar with it. One thing about hot water cornbread is that there is not a single way to cook it, which gives you flexibility when you are camping. If you want to make hot water cornbread while camping, how a simple recipe you can use.

The only variable when making hot water cornbread is the amount of water you add because different people have different preferences when it comes to their hot water cornbread mixtures; you can have it thick or loose depending on how you want it. You can add water to the mixture while checking its consistency until it is easier to spoon out into the oily frying pan you will be using; ensure it is well mixed and thick the way you want it.

Because of weather elements like the wind that may interfere with your cooking when you are camping, you should bring along a heavy-bottomed cast-iron skillet because of its ability to retain heat; it is important to have consistent and even heat supply even when the wind is a problem. Successful preparation of your cornbread mixture should be done under the correct heat and since you are not accustomed to the camp stove, you won’t have a feel for the oil temperature like you would at home, which is where the instant-read temperature comes in.

When you are buying cornmeal while going camping, you should prioritize one of premium quality if you want to feel the natural taste of your hot water cornbread because not all the cornmeal is created equal; you need to avoid the cheap stuff even if you want to save money. When you are camping and hiking, you are going to need as many calories as possible, which means you can add sugar to your cornbread although the majority of the natives from the south will disagree with you.

If you are using cheap cornmeal in the preparation of the camping hot water cornbread, you have to use sugar to neutralize the sour flavor the cornmeal, but you are free to add more sugar. Frying of camping hot water cornbread should be done using vegetable oil, which is later drained away using a paper towel when both sides are properly cooked. If you are planning to make hot water cornbread on your next camping trip, these are the steps to follow.

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